Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I ended up in the coolest place yet at the LNFU today when, while wandering an upper floor in search of a photocopier, I ended up in the mammal area. There were bags of disinfecting hides; enormous skulls with even more enormous horns and antlers stored in cabinets, on cabinets, hanging on the wall, and laying on the floor; circular silver radiators; a great big birdie nest on a dais; and some whale parts several feet taller than me.

It can be hard to find a window from which to get one's bearing while wandering the halls of the LNFU; this, compounded with my nonexistent sense of direction, can mean it takes me a long time to get anywhere. I eventually found the photocopier, but not before finding three mysterious staircases that I hope one day to have either the courage or the permission to ascend.


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