Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lotso day

Much busyness and newness today:
*Tried out Ash Wednesday service at LNFU as it was convenient length-, location-, and time-wise. Not too many people were there. Keep forgetting I went to a Catholic college, which naturally meant there were more people at church. Anyhoo, this was a nondenominational service, which was more up my alley, because while I like me some Jesus, I prefer Him without a side of patriarchy and gay bashing.

*Attempted to walk from LNFU to BH, where adorable familial babies live. Got lost almost immediately, got rerouted by parking cop who I think I weirded out with my chattiness and I know I shocked with the length of my walk. Later on in walk, randomly ran into landlord. Shortly thereafter, looked at my watch, realized the time, and hopped on the subway.

*Was sitting on subway heading home trying not to cry owing to PMS etc. when down sat the lady from the LNFU who rightly questioned what I was doing at the LNFU when first we met. Which would be a rainy day when my hair looked crazier than usual, one of my earrings was half hanging out of my ear, my glasses were more than likely half-tilted on my face, and I had a bunch of books shoved underneath my jacket to protect them from getting wet. She is southern and to a Yankee like me it is especially bizarre to be questioned suspiciously in a honeyed voice. Anyhoo, we chatted a bit, and she was the last in a long line of people today who helped me feel less alone without their knowing it.


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