Monday, April 04, 2011

Tea at three

Went to an annual tea in the city on Saturday afternoon and was seated next to an absolutely delightful woman in her 70s who is as sweetly pretty on the outside as she is on the inside. She blindsided our end of the table when, while talking about her tough year, mentioned that, well, her youngest son had never gotten over the death of her husband, and was upset about her decision to sell the family home and move to a retirement complex, so he committed suicide, and she was the one to find the body.

And I put my hand on her arm and the other women murmured lovely, supportive things. And I was even more impressed by the energy she had about her. I'm lucky to have gotten to spend time with someone so smart and resilient.

After tea, my friend A and I walked to the Paulist Center for a little hippie Catholic mass. I'd promised her liturgical dance, and we didn't get liturgical dance, but we did get an adult baptism, along with a church full of engaged couples doing Pre-Cana.

Sunday evening I went to a crafts group, which is just like book group, but swap the novels for knitting, origami, and sewing. It was nifty.

And now, thanks to another writing assignment that I'm avoiding, I'm updating the blog. Yay for me!


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