Monday, April 18, 2011


I had a deadline last week for a new client and it took me much longer than anticipated to silence my inner critic. Also, the subject matter was tricky. Also also, it was my first attempt at balancing a 4x30 workweek with writing. I learned that when I'm on deadline I need more than four hours, which was all I had left in me at the end of working nine hours when you factor in the commute, to get through a draft. I need time to sit away from the draft and there's no space in four hours to do it.

This is all my way of explaining why I've disappeared from the blog yet again. But now I'm back! And this is despite a new writing assignment, plus a bunch of editorial work, and still the 4x30 at the LNFU.

Life has of course continued to happen, although as time passes I feel in some ways as though it is passing me by. I'm not sure what to do about this other than put it out there that I'm having such feelings.

Annnnnnnnnnyhoo, in other news, the bird at the LNFU was hit by a car, it turns out, and so she won't be back anytime soon, although she was brought to a wildlife rescue organization and is recuperating. In yet other news, on Friday I listened to a presentation on anal gland weaponry and learned much. For example: weaponry-it includes swords. Also guns. Also, anal glands.

Your present for reading all the way to the end is news that is both anal and ornithological: PolackPappy got me a dozen fresh, some-of-them-poo-speckled eggs! While they aren't from hens owned by backsliding Irish alcoholics, they are delicious.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i feel the same way, about life passing by. sometimes, i just wish i could get it over with. i don't know what to do either.
i think about trying to re-engage in endeavors that i used to enjoy, hiking, mt.biking, horses. but my near clinical sense of duty and responsibility to others will probably get in the way and before i know it, another year will have passed.

2:14 PM, April 21, 2011

Blogger McPolack said...

Amen, sister.

Also, I predict you will in the very-near future grab life by its billy-goat beard, kiss it on the nose, and take it for a wild and wonderful ride. :)

8:49 PM, April 26, 2011

Blogger McPolack said...

Also, also: you are wonderful.

8:49 PM, April 26, 2011


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