Sunday, June 05, 2011

Afternoon coffee break

Whilst strolling past the LNFU's natural history museum on my way to get coffee I noticed a couple of people standing in front of a tree. I could hear some very distressed-sounding critters in that tree.

As I drew closer, I saw the female red-tail, on a branch low enough to touch, with a wee birdie clasped between her talons. It seems a little odd to eat you own kind, albeit a smaller version. Especially if you try and picture having the Lullaby League for dinner. But much less odd than the bird-eating squirrel I saw on a different tree around the corner.

Anyhoo, the eatee, as it were, looked like a chickadee but as I've never seen chickadees at the LNFU, I think it must have been a sparrow. I didn't want to look too closely because I was worried the little bird was still alive, which is too much nature for this lady.

I went on my way, passing a picnic table of foreign students. When I returned, a few of them had gathered around the hawk. She was finished eating by this point and was just kind of hanging out, watching them watch her. I pointed out her home to them, and told them a bit of her story. I heard her squawk as I walked away.


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