Sunday, August 21, 2011

Must continue pulling self out of hole

Finally caught up with a friend who'd moved to France and now to NYC, when she was back in town to rent out her condo. So goes my blog, so goes my life. I'm not staying connected.


Anyhoo. I did not really do much of anything this weekend, except work, and avoidance of work. Also I made out with my cat, but that's par for the course. I've got a wedding this week, and another in a couple of months, after which I will be the sole unmarried cousin of my generation, save one, and he was a surprise baby born when I was 12. Poor McMumsy has been dealing with my mixed signals quite well, offering up a possible fellow - he's divorced, has a kid and also pet cock-a-roaches - and then not getting p'oed when I told her I wasn't interested in being fixed up. Because I'm not.

Last night I went to a store that sells new clothes for once and purchased two sad, I-will-never-have-sex-again bras. They are what are called "minimizers" and at 12.99 are a fine price. These days keeping the ta-tas in line using the conventional underwire bra is akin to keeping kittens in a sack without a string. They fall out, and misbehave. But no more! Now when I bend over to vacuum the cat hair out from under the sofa, the girls stay where they ought to.


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