Monday, January 16, 2012

Further Christmas tales

Our numbers have been dwindling on Christmas Eve at McPolack manor but thanks to reproduction there are a couple of tiny folks filling the empty seats. One of them came dressed in his holiday finest: plaid silk shortalls. With kneesocks - eek! And wee loafers. The adorable level was through the roof.

It was hard not to eat him alive. And harder still not to giggle when his father set him down on the leather sofa and little lord silkyshorts slid slowly onto his back. Because leather sofa + besilkened bottom is a gentler version of foot + banana peel.

The other tiny person was equally adorable and her pink velveteen dress had more traction. Also she is an animal lover. And by lover I mean this: when she was eating her dinner and food fell on the floor and a big, gentle, slobbery dog snuffled over to pick it up she SCREAMED with delight. She'd then catch the eye of someone near by, as if to say "are you seeing what I'm seeing and isn't it AMAZING?" Pure exuberance.

She felt this way about PolackPappy's chinchilla, Harold, as well, and asked many times to be carried to his cage, which she would smack with her little hand. Harold, btw, could have easily retreated to the man-cave Pp made for him out of cardboard, but he didn't. I think he liked the attention. Or perhaps recognized a fellow cute little package of fierceness.


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