Monday, October 10, 2005


Went to see the film Proof this evening. It didn't get the best of reviews but I personally really, really liked it. It was my sort of film -- all moody and feel-y, plus some math. And then they tie math together with emotions and talk about the elegance of it and you see how everything is interconnected and I am reminded of 1.61803399, which is the Golden Ratio. If they had told me about the Golden Ratio in math class in high school I might not have gotten an F. If only I had known then that I needed math to be related to things like Taoism and A River Runs Through It. I could go into more depth why math and Taoism and a Norman Maclean story are related but that's better in person over coffee. Also, it may fall under the "throw-uppy dime store philosophy" topic heading.

Anyhoo, after the movie we went to Pad Thai, which is near the Hynes Convention Center T stop. The ambience is bad but the food is very very tasty and cheap. L wanted to take me there so I could taste some "good" cheap Thai food. I was raving about a place near my house that I had actually never been to, and when we went there, it sucked, and she let me know it, several times. She is quite blunt at times, but I can tell she is not doing it to be nasty; it's just her nature. Tonight she paid for the movie and my dinner and gave me a birthday present and said she likes me a lot and she hopes we're friends for a long time. And because of her blunt tendencies, I know she was being really sincere. And I hope we're friends for a long time, too.


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