Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Get In Mah Belly

Inspired by various blogs and driven by the fact that not much of interest has happened in my life today, I present all the items which have (or will) pass through my belly today:

2 (smallish) bowls of raisin bran mixed with Kashi honey puffs. I won't be buying this raisin bran again as the raisins are teeny and so hard that they sink to the bottom of the bowl and rip out my fillings when I try to chew them. I tried out the skim milk that claims to taste like 2%. It doesn't.

Various samples from Whole Foods. I went there on a secret mission for my friend JoyceFrances, who works in yogiland. She wanted to know what magazines Whole Foods carries so she could decided whether she wants to advertise in them. Oddly, they carry Elle. Not so oddly, they carry Shambhala Sun. They also carry an interesting one called ReadyMade which has instructions for doing all sorts of things. They call themselves "The bimonthly magazine for people who like to make stuff." I am the sort of person who "thinks she would like to make stuff and buys all the ingredients to make stuff but then never gets around to the making" and so I didn't purchase a copy.
I ate samples of:
Smoked Gouda
Brownies with walnuts
Chocolate chip muffins
mini toasts with Camembert

Lunch was 1 whole egg fried with 2 egg whites on an Iggy's multiseed bagel with butter and Cabot extra sharp cheddar cheese. I also ate some carrot sticks and a couple handfuls of pesto flavored pita chips. For dessert, I had a honeycrisp apple, a nibble of some mellowcreme treats in interesting shapes, and a wee 100 Grand bar.

I took a nap today and my kitty, delighted I was sleeping, curled up on my ass. When I awoke I had another honeycrisp apple. Then I went to Starbucks and got an iced coffee.

I have some fish marinating in olive oil, garlic, ginger, lemon pepper, and sea salt. I bought tilapia and catfish at the grocery store this week and I am marinating some of both. I will accompany this with a sweet dumpling squash and some steamed cauliflower which I will consume spritzed with butter spray.

If I'm feeling hungry after din din I may have some lemon sorbet. Or not.


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