Thursday, September 29, 2005


So I've been noticing this trend lately. And the trend is this: I tell folks that my sister is a Dr. (yes, a doctor of moos, but a doctor all the same) and people automatically assume that she is the elder, rather than myself.

Well, I beg to differ! Just because she was graduated from the, okay, the best veterinary school in the entire world, and I am unemployed and sit around thinking up things to write in my blog all day (Well, today I also went to the gym and answered email and did some cleaning and watched Matrix Revolutions.) doesn't mean that I am the younger sister.

I happen to be the oldest one in the family, g-damnit. I've got a younger brother as well. Yes, he drives an Audi and lives in a condo overlooking the water in Portsmouth, and yes, he's held down the same job for several years, but still.

I am the trailblazer! Going boldly where no McPolack sibling has gone before! And I want some g-damn respect.


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