Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Notes from my day

Squeezed myself into my skinny jeans and a cap-sleeved white blouse to walk to the local bookstore and pick up a Chicago Manual of Style. That's writing style for those not in the know, but obviously I was going for the fashion style effect as well, as one never knows what kind of hotties one might run into while buying the CM of S.

Later I locked myself out of my apartment but lo-and-behold my wonderful landlord just happened to be visiting, so he let me right back in. Then I left and went to the farmer's market where a hot, hot farmer boy said he liked my necklace, made of big seeds, from Target. I batted my eyes at him only briefly because he had a wedding ring on. That vegetable man was whoring himself out to me to get me to buy more of his produce, but it didn't work. I spent 80 cents on a couple of sweet dumpling squashes.

I may have full-time work soon at a certain fancy-pantsy school but we'll see what happens. Things are a-brewin.

Ooo -- and tonight is the premiere of Martha Stewart's Apprentice show. As a half-Polack, I must support my fellow meathead. I caught some of her daytime talk show. It's pretty awful. Take this conversation with Diddy, formerly Puff Daddy and P. Diddy, where he's teaching Martha how to rap:

(Martha and Diddy are going through a list of "rapper" words on a blackboard)

Martha: (looking at the first word) "What does 'cheddar' mean?"
Diddy: "'Cheddar' means 'money'."
Martha: (reading a word further down on the list) "Ooo, I know what ballin' means!"


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