Friday, September 23, 2005

Dirty Birdie

So tomorrow I'm going on a "young members" AMC hike in Amherst, MA. OSB said she hoped I would get to hook up with one of these "young members" and then said it sounded vaguely dirty. Hey! They describe "young members" as being in their twenties and thirties.

Ah, but that dirtiness reminds me of a tale from my past...


...It is my thirtieth birthday. I am working as a temp doing data entry for ten bucks an hour. I am crammed in to 2 cubes that have been split in half with four other people. To my left is a scary-ass boy who plays online role-playing games all day long and really likes knives and guns. Behind me is a muchos trashias lady who has already turned thirty. She was in charge of buying my gift and she bought me scratch tickets. She lives with her boyfriend but recently some skeevy guy in a pickup truck hollered something dirty out the window at her and she actually went and had sex with him! Aaaaaaaa! She is letting me know with relish what it will be like in my thirties: "They're your dahty thahties, hahahaha! You're going to wanta do it a lot more! And your crotch is gonna staht tah smell too, hahahaha. It's not all sweet like it was in your twenties."

Um, gross.



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