Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sometimes I wish I lived on the prairie

Weighed myself at le gym today, which was le mistake as I am apparently 3 pounds larger than what I was when I started going to the gym. It's all muscle gain, which is a lot better than fat, but still.

If only I lived on the prairie. In the 19th century. When a body like mine was valued by men. I mean, I am strong -- I have these tree-trunk legs, with calves that are pretty much entirely made up of muscle. And I'm good at endurance -- I can walk or run or swim a long way.

I'm built for carrying heavy loads long distances. Something valued by peasant cultures and westward-ho types from a hundred and fifty years ago.

As we are now in the 21st century, I keep myself in fighting form jogging by the houses of the extremely wealthy, where the womenfolk are, I am sure, stick thin.

But also quite possibly miserably unhappy, which I, pasta-loving strong girl, most certainly am not. But I am just a wee bit blue.


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