Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wolfgang Puck is a Horndog

But he makes a mean piece of salmon.

He seemed a bit nervous when he first came on stage, with a local radio and tv host. Once he started cooking, though, making pizza and "sahl-mohn," he was comfortable and at times hilariously funny and also at times kind of mean.

And also at times kind of horny. "Good food, good wine, good sex," are the three things Wolfie thinks are key. He kept on bringin' up the booty. He's got a three month old and he certainly has gusto.

Alas, when I asked him to come to Bertucci's with me and my friend L after the event (we decided to skip the Brown Sugar) he didn't even respond!


But again, his salmon was tasty. And one of the pizzas he made was, yes, a wedgietahble pizza. Praise Jesus! L poked me in the side when that word came out.



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