Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I had a coupon and so I bought Dove Intensive Firming Lotion a few weeks back.

Now in the interest of Science! I am going to test it out.

I rubbed it in a circular motion this morning onto the parts of me that are flabulous. This would be the area directly beneath my fine fine asscheeks. I can hold several pencils beneath each cheek now. If you add the number of pencils I can also hold beneath my bosoms, I could probably supply an entire roomful of standardized test takers.

The product promises "Testing proves: After 1 week, skin feels significantly smoother and appears more youthful. After 2 weeks, skin is noticeably firmer."

Well, we'll see about that, won't we? It's going to be two long weeks of standing naked on my tippy-toes craning my head to get a glimpse of the backs of my flabby thighs to see if this shit works.


Blogger Melissa said...

I saw that stuff in the market the other day and contemplated a purchase. I'll be awaiting your results.

2:01 PM, October 22, 2005


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