Thursday, October 13, 2005

Car Madness

Spent a lovely day shopping with Contagious. Smacked her on her badonakadonk in the dressing room of Macy's as she was trying on some fabulous pants. As she was driving to meet me some crazy lady nearly sideswiped her on the highway in Portsmouth and then came running out of her car, motioned to Contagious to roll down the window, and then grabbed her hands and said "Praise Jesus! We were saved! Pray with me."

Contagious noted that this is something that would normally happen to me. I get all the weirdos. I attract them, and also dogs and occasionally small children.

Other interesting traffic items of note:

1. As I was running through Harvard Square today, an SUV that I believe was being tailgated stopped. As there was a lot of traffic and the car behind it was short and couldn't see beyond the SUV, that car stopped as well. Then a man got out of the SUV and headed for the car. The car then zipped away. The SUV man yelled "Pussy!" and jumped in his vehicle and gave chase. I kept right on a-joggin'. I was listening to some Burt Bacharach on my walkman at the time; it was an odd juxtaposition. Or had I switched to Alanis Morrissette?

2. As I was driving back home through Davis Square this evening, the big van in front of me stopped in the middle of the intersection. Honestly, he was probably confused. He had some sort of "Jesus is Lord, Praise the Heavenly Father" bumper sticker on his car. I thought to myself "Praise this, asshole!" and I laid on my horn.

(Okay, I didn't really think that and I just gave a couple of medium-length toots. My full conversion to Masshole driver has not yet taken place.)


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