Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Just a few tablespoons"

Another stomach-churning tale from the files of Dr. Moo:

Dr. Moo was at a farm where they were hosting a Japanese exchange student. She was dealing with a prolapsed uterus -- basically, the uterus had fallen out of the cow and needed to be shoved back in. The exchange student was assisting.

This uterus was especially troublesome -- the cow was having contractions, and the uterus kept pushing back out. Dr. Moo filled it with water once she'd shoved it back inside, to help hold it in place, and was explaining the technique to the exchange student when it happened...

...the cow's uterus contracted and sprayed the water, now mixed with some other interesting cow-based fluid, all over the side of Dr. Moo's head. "Just a few tablespoons" ended up in her open mouth.

"I guess that'll boost my immunity for awhile," said Dr. Moo, referring to the low doses of bacteria she received, um, orally, from said moo cow.




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