Tuesday, November 08, 2005


So I went to yoga again tonight, because my German friend was going and because I wanted to see if I could become even stretchier.

I can and did. I almost managed to hold the crane pose (my elbows were definitely not straight, as this man's are) for more than a couple of seconds. In this pose you are essentially balancing a lot of your weight on your wrists. It's the sort of thing you have to suspend disbelief to do -- kind of like rock climbing. If you look at a wall of rock, logical thought and reason tells you there ain't no way you're climbing it. Thus you must overcome logical thought and reason.

I imagine that the crane pose is meant to be delicate and poised, like the bird, who balances all his weight on his teeny bird legs. But I am certain that at the sight of me, knees on elbows, big ass in the air, yogis everywhere would rename crane pose dung beetle.



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