Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I know this is assholish of me, but... fucking neighbors, oh my GOD. You would swear they weigh a metric ton each the way they stomp around their apartment until all hours of the night. Last night they were dragging furniture around until after 11. I finally had to put my earplugs in. Tonight they are stomping again and so as I have been going back and forth to the oven (I am baking cookies) I have been stomping on the floor. Also I have been slamming the oven door and in general making a racket.

Oh, AND this week they tossed a box from in the recycle bin but didn't bother to break it down and so of course the recycling guys wouldn't take it. How hard is it to flatten a box, fucksticks? Honest to Abe Lincoln, I want to leave a flaming bag of poo on their doorstep.

Oh, AAAAAAAAAAnd last week I put that box outside their door so it wouldn't get stolen off the front porch (I was expecting a package that has not yet arrived and I suspect foul play). Someone had stuck a flyer in the box. I left the flyer there in the box. They picked up the box and left the flyer on the floor in the middle of the hall.

Pigs. Pigs is what they are. I hope that the next time Mr. Middle Eastern history professor goes to the Middle East for his "research" someone shoves a Kalashnikov up his ass. They don't have to pull the trigger. Just goose him.



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