Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pet News

Dropped my little kitty off at the vet's this morning for her ear surgery. It was kind of cute watching her reach into her bag of tricks to try and get me to feed her breakfast (I had taken her chow away at 8 pm the night before). She'd rub her maw on my legs, then sit with her tail curled up, smiling at me, then do the Meow Mix dance on her tippy-toes before running to where her bowl usually sat.

When I dropped her off at the vet, she refused to look at me.

In other pet news, Dr. Moo may be adopting a five-year-old, never-been-housebroken coon hound named Tina. She's been tied by a short rope outside one of the dairy barns Dr. Moo visits. She's free, and she's kind of a mess, which is music to my sister's ears. And as Dr. Moo is coming to visit me this weekend, she may indulge in the time honored tradition of saddling our parents with pet care while she goes off and has fun.

Over the years, she has brought home various and sundry animals with different levels of care requirements. She never asks permission to do this, because of course McMumsy would say no. She just shows up with a pathetic-looking ball of fluff, leaves a set of instructions, and takes off.

McMumsy screams and yells about this and generally gets pretty pissed, but that's actually part of the fun! We kind of enjoy making her mad, as she drives us crazy on a regular basis. But it's a loving kind of mad.

For example, every year on Christmas morning for a good 8 years in a row we'd bring Dr. Moo's pet sheep in the house. Sheep are large, pleasant-smelly, kinda dumb (but very sweet!) farm animals and let me tell you, it is hi-larious to have them in your kitchen. We'd open presents and give the dog, cat, guinea pig named Sheila, and mice their gifts from Santa. Then my sister would ask "Can I bring the sheep inside" as she was running out the door, conveniently missing my mother's "No way!" Polackpappy would chime in "I don't think that's such a good idea," but as soon as the baas were in the house, he was all "Who wants some Saltines?" (Saltines are like crack for sheep)

Good times, good times.

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Anonymous bitter joe said...

first it's the saltines... then the ritz... pretty soon they're on the corner looking for oyster crackers... slippery slope i tell ya.

11:50 AM, October 27, 2005


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