Sunday, December 04, 2005


My lazy fucker of a neighbor is at it again. I went out to shovel the first snowfall (only the walk, not the driveway; I think I might not shovel it at all this winter and just take the bus everywhere as my work is in-town while lousy neighbor has to drive rather far) and discovered these seven foot by three foot cardboard boxes, and loooong triangular cardboard pieces, and huge sheets of plastic, just draped across the cans.

Take the time to fold the cardboard up and crinkle the plastic so you can fit it in the trash buckets, you stinky, stupid, scum-sucking bastard!


Anyhoo. I shoved the giant pieces of cardboard and plastic off the trash bins using my trusty green shovel with ice-scraping lip, and when I take the trash to the curb tomorrow, as I do every single week, I shall not be taking the cardboard and plastic with me.

Bitch can deal with it himself.

I predict it will sit out there until spring.



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