Monday, November 28, 2005

VT Tale No 3: Is The "Check Engine" Light On?

One of Dr. Moo's fellow vet school students grew up and is now living in Vermont. Her brother owns a souped-up monster truck he is trying to get rid of. It's in decent shape and just needs a bit of work. As he is out of state, his wee mother is in charge of showing it to the mostly large, redneck men who show up.

The brother offered his mother specific instructions if someone came with a trade-in: "Make sure to open the hood and check that there's still an engine inside."

His mother didn't really believe someone could be that nasty until one day a couple of large rednecks showed up with a car on a flatbed. They wanted to dump the car and take the monster truck. The mother asked to look under the hood. The rednecks hemmed and hawed. The mother insisted. The rednecks opened the hood.

Of course, there was no engine inside.

VT is a good place to buy maple syrup and cheese but if you're looking for automobiles, I'd go elsewhere.


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