Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Busy, busy

So I am under some serious crunch this week as I am back at job number one after some unpleasantness I will blog about later, and meeting with someone tomorrow about a second writing job, scope not yet to be determined, but I still have to prepare and it is nearly ten at night. Last night went to yoga as am not going to miss yoga. Tonight the McPolack parents came for a visit. McMumsy is 58 tomorrow. We saw John McCain speak at the First Parish church in Harvard Square, ostensibly about a book he's written for kids, but come on people, he's clearly testing waters for another run for office in '08. It was basically a question and answer session with a few real gems from the Cambridge loons, including one gentleman who took out a whole sheaf of papers and proceeded to try to relate bird flu to the brain worm that's been killing off deer and a lady who seemed very passionate about what seemed at first to be a viable argument -- campaign finance reform. She apparently just gets v. v. angry when she sees how much money is spent on running for office, as she works for a nonprofit. Her nonprofit? Nothing like the Red Cross, oh no. It was the Acton public library fund. Good lord.

Other highlights included the very cute sight of my mom and dad holding hands and nervously following me across the street in Porter Square, and McMumsy pushing her legs out straight in front her, sticking her butt in the air, and farting and then giggling while we were waiting for the T. After which she looked at us quizically and said "What?"

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