Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm It

I've been tagged by California Eating (Hi lady!) The rules are to write 10 random/odd facts about oneself and then tag 5 others.

Here are my random/odd facts:

1. I like to lay in my clawfoot bathtub on Sunday nights with a clay mask on my face and some Queen Helene in my hair and read the Style section of the NY Times. I am especially fond of the wedding announcements.

2. A boy wrote a song for me once. He was a folk singer in Vermont. It was a really bad song.

3. I've fired a bb gun, a Ruger, and a Glock. I'm a pretty decent shot.

4. When I was little I used to bury the roadkill I found on the side of the road and once I rescued a baby mouse from the jaws of my pet cat. I tried to save it by putting a band-aid on the cut on its neck and dripping milk into its mouth off the end of a Q-tip. It died.

5. I can never seem to get all the dirt out from underneath my fingernails, no matter how hard I pick.

6. I ate a handful of live ants in the fourth grade. I was taking a wilderness survival class and we were learning what was safe to eat in the woods. They were crunchy and tasted like lemon.

8. I have watched 3 kitties die horrible deaths, right in front of me, after being run over by cars.

9. My middle name is Arethusa.

10. When I was meditating the other day I had a vision that part of me died. I am excited to see what will arise from the ashes.

Okay. I tag Contagious and Male Mannequin . I don't really know many other bloggers.


Blogger Teri said...

Wow, is that really your middle name? That is wicked cool!!

8:30 AM, December 17, 2005

Blogger K said...

I love how on Sex and the City they called the NYT wedding announcements "the women's Sports pages." HA! I read those every Sunday too. Totally outrageous. Everyone's 25 and a lawyer.

9:13 AM, December 18, 2005


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