Friday, December 16, 2005

Super Cute

I love my cousin Michelle. She's 15 and 3/4's and she's being home-schooled. She does ice skating and she went to Barbizon modeling school for a little while, until her parents figured out it was a scam. She does have the model look -- she's tall tall tall and thin and pretty -- and a pretty good attitude about herself and life in general. She wants to be on America's Next Top Model but has to wait until she's 18. When she was younger she did a goat costume class at a country fair -- that's where you and your goat dress up as characters from a book -- and she went as Willy Wonka and dressed her goat as an Oompa Loompa.

I just got an email from her giving me advice on boys. She's an American original.



Blogger Contagious said...

If they had a reality show like American Top Model for rumpalicious would win hands down :)

10:17 AM, December 17, 2005


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