Sunday, October 15, 2006

Don't Talk About My Nubbin

So I'm here in A Cautionary Tale's beautiful home in Dovah (Dover) surrounded by pets (she and her beau have three kitties and one doggie with smelly breath) and Ctale just changed the channel on me from exciting NHPTV program I was watching on how to grow a giant pumpkin. Damn her!

As Ctale is in her confinement (old-timey term for being super-pregnant), she is too exhausted at the end of the day to post. So I will post for her. She is doing super! Super-duper, as a matter of fact. She looks fabulous, and her belly is like a (slightly) oversized maraschino cherry, at least when she is wearing her red cable-knit zip-up sweater. She likes to sit on her front porch with her beau in their matching turquoise-blue rocking chairs and watch the world go by. She has a diaper genie, not for the baby, but for the dog poo. She and her beau are hosting their families for Thanksgiving in their new home, and are serving deep-fried turkey. She has an amazing, slightly creepy video of her daughter moving around in her belly. It is set to music. She also has this frightening-ass catalogue.

OK, back to me. Yesterday I bought the most frigging fabulous pair of shoes ever. I'm going to wear them out to the Friendly Toast today. Life is good, NH is beautiful, and Ctale is doing fine.



Anonymous ctale said...

damn nubbin...but at least it's not an ass boil! :)

oh...and for the record...the frightening-ass catalog I have came in the mail with the old owners of this house name on it. We jsut keep it around to freak people out!

5:38 PM, October 15, 2006

Anonymous Thursday said...

Glad to hear that Ctale's doing so well - I miss her.

8:59 AM, October 16, 2006

Blogger Teri said...

yay! i've been to the friendly toast...

10:48 PM, October 16, 2006


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