Sunday, October 01, 2006


So just so none of my wonderful friends who I love dearly get their hopes up about the firefighter…I don’t think we really had anything in common, other than that I really, really wanted to have sex with him and I’m pretty sure he would have been happy to have sex with me. Since I went off the pill I have been, like, ragingly horny. Essentially I feel like this big walking ball of horniness. I feel very full of whatever it is that makes you want to mate. Not with anyone, mind you, because a girl has to have standards.

But with a dark-haired manly man firefighter with nicely-sized muscles? Definitely. Damn, he was fine.


Anonymous Thursday said...

Strange McPolack because I have EXACTLY one of those at home and I have no desire whatsoever to have sex with him. Well, not much.

5:15 AM, October 02, 2006


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