Monday, November 20, 2006

Medicinal Update

I didn't end up experiencing that same level of anxiety I mentioned last week but did still feel a little off on two pills, so today I am going to go back down to one again for a couple of days to see what the effects are. I'm also switching to tea in the afternoons. There was what I like to call the Iron Chef: Green Tea Battle in my parent's kitchen on Saturday wherein PolackPappy stuffed like a hundred organic Bigelow green tea bags from a giant box he bought recently at Sam's Club into a plastic bag for me; he normally drinks probably six cups of coffee a day and is switching to tea. Meanwhile, McMumsy was waving her green tea with mango under my nose "I blend loose leaves!", which she most certainly does not buy in bulk, as it costs 10 dollars a box. Anyhoo, it was amusing. And though both parents have jumped on the green tea bandwagon, I have been drinking PG Tips.

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