Monday, November 27, 2006

Random Product Review # 1

So I'm in downtown Boston loading files to a server on a desktop and I've finished all my editing work, which means there's not much to do...not much to do but review products for you, dear readers!

Let's begin with the Luna Dulce de Leche bar, or as I like to call it Dulce de Sgusting. I give it 1 pierogi out of a possible 5. Why only 1? Because it tastes like crap. Well more like sawdust mixed with crap mixed with a fake-y sweet taste. Also because of the queer "caramel" topping and icing swirls that taste like chemicals. Also because, WTF is this thing made out of? It's like that fake meat product, Quorn. I think I'll call this thing Quood. In the future, Quood will be all we will have to eat, and we'll wash it down with our own recycled urine. Yum, yum!

You may be wondering at this point why I gave it any stars at all. Well, it does provide some fiber, every important for the lower GI tract, and it did stop my stomach from digesting itself for much longer than, say, a handful of butter crackers would.


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