Monday, December 11, 2006


Not too much to report today. I'm in between projects at the moment but have some feelers out for more work to do. I went for a run after putting in a shift at the transcription office, where I listened to a very old-school salesman run through some training for a specific brand of diamond. Man is he cheesy. Here's an example of one of his many sales pitches:

Sales Guy: Now why don't you take a look at this watch?
Hapless Proposer: Watch?
S G: Trust me. Buy the watch. Now here's what you're going to do with it: You give her the box with the watch at dinner. She takes it out -- oh, it's beautiful, she loves it. She smiles. You tell her to put it on. Tell her to pull out the plunger on the side. Yes, that's right, pull out the plunger. When she does that, you tell her you just wanted her to remember the exact time you gave her this and then you pull out the ring.
H P: He actually doesn't have any other lines. Basically what he does in nearly every story is buy an expensive, verrrry well-branded diamond ring.

Unless he's an engineer. Apparently they are such assholes that it's not even worth going into how to deal with them. They are capable of completely taking away a jewelry salesperson's mojo.



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