Thursday, February 28, 2008


Three yogini tidbits:

Tidbit one: I nearly burst out laughing at the beginning of class, which starts with three oms, because the instructor sounded like he was going to start hooting like Tarzan. But then he didn't. And then all of a sudden I found myself doing a really deep, awesome om that felt transcendent.

Tidbit two: There were a number of butt oms today, by which I mean farts. First it was the lady behind me, a nice wee toot. She broke the ice because later there were two really loud and, I don't know, flappy ones. Luckily they did not smell.

Tidbit three: Before transitioning in a prayer twist from a low lunge to a high, the instructor told us to look at our back leg and make sure everything was aligned. Can I just tell you my butt looked quite big in comparison to the rest of me? But in a good way. There needs to be a word for that. Oh wait, there is: bootylicious.


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