Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Church Update

So my excursions back into the Catholic fold have brought me closer to what may be the sweetest people I have ever met. They are husband-and-wife journalists with one child; I met them through friends of mine. I've seen the husband at Saturday Mass; he sits with me when I'm there, and I saw the wife at a baby shower I was at on Sunday. She reiterated her invitation to "stop by" their place any time and I could tell that she meant it. Just now I got an invite from the husband to sit with him at Easter Vigil if I choose to go.

I've also been able to spend more time with Amelia and wee Daisy because of the church connection; when I go to Sunday Mass, I go with them, and we get breakfast after. A recently asked if I would be OK, if she found the money, with her paying for me to have my eggs harvested and frozen. Which as I'm writing it doesn't come across in print the way it did in person: as an awe-inspiring offer.

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Anonymous Thursday said...

It does come across as an awe-inspiring offer.

3:50 AM, March 19, 2008

Blogger laura didyk said...

You need to write a story about this. Write that scene when she asked.

8:51 AM, March 23, 2008


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