Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My new workplace

I tried working from a coffee shop today; I'm actually in one right now. It would be fantastic if only the wifi were more reliable. It's more reliable here than the place I was at before but the work I'm doing requires a constant connection; when it turns on and off all the time it's a giant pain in the ass.

I don't know what the policy is here in terms of what you have to buy vs. how long you can stay. Since I'd already drunk a lot of coffee the last place I was at, I have been nursing the one I'm drinking here. I've been here nearly two hours and spent $2.50, not including tip. It's not like people are waiting for tables but I do feel a little guilty, especially since I just ate half a protein bar I brought from home on the sly. If I could afford to purchase a snack here, I would totally do it, and I'm considering coming back tomorrow after the gym to have breakfast here (or perhaps another day this week). It's a pretty nifty place and they're playing an easy listening station which makes me feel like I'm back in NH, where it's all easy listening all the time. Actually they just played some Barry White which made it feel more sleazy listening than easy listening.

Anyhoo I tarted myself up today, just because, but I still feel on the inside like a girl from the sticks. Which is fine.



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