Friday, February 29, 2008

A Leap Year with actual leaping

I was in the weight room at the gym this morning near where a guy who was probably 5'10" and in his mid-twenties with an athletic but not beefy body was jumping straight up into the air and onto these metal platforms with legs that the trainers use. They come in three sizes; he had stacked the shortest on top of the tallest and he was jumping a good three feet, if not more, from the ground, and landing on top. Not running and then jumping. Just jumping. It was amazing and everybody noticed and there was this great joyous energy about it.

I'm off to NH this afternoon, to visit OSB and her family, who are in a time of financial crisis at the moment. OSB is pregnant with her second child, quite so, and they may lose their house.

I'm trying to avoid my own financial crisis by working a lot but some days, being at home, it's hard to get my ass in gear. I powered through some stuff earlier this week and today, I don't know, I'm just avoiding. The good part about that is that I can do the housework I was going to do on Sunday and then do work work on Sunday. The bad part is that I feel like I never get a break, and I see all these bills rolling towards me -- taxes, annual checkup for my kitty, my car, a haircut, clothes, shoes. I know full well that money doesn't make you happy or a better person but sometimes I do wonder how much worry and anxiety would leave my life if I had more of it.



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