Monday, March 03, 2008


I went to mass on Sunday morning this week because I didn't get home in time from my NH visit on Saturday. As luck would have it, or maybe God, Amelia was there with wee Daisy, for her second attempt at church. (The first attempt, on Ash Wednesday, ended soon after the organ music started up and D chanted "Gohomegohomegohomegohomegohome" until she got her wish.)

Yesterday, though, she was braver. She told me she was a little bit scared; I told her she had nothing to worry about. And she did really, really well, especially given the longest Gospel reading I've ever heard, followed by a long homily. Apparently during the homily Daisy and her mom played "I Spy."

When I related all this to McMumsy, she told me Uncle J had seen Aunt S at a noon weekday mass in NH last Wednesday with her two charges, Charlie, her grandson, who is not yet one, and Trevor, her great-nephew, who is not yet two. Trevor was crawling all around the altar and at the end of mass the priest said his mother told him he used to do that as a baby and look how he ended up.

Anyhoo I was pleased, on only my fourth visit, to be able to introduce some people to the priest with the Irish name. Who keeps calling me Meghan, "Probably because he doesn't want to say Maggie since that's an Irish whore's name," said McMumsy. Then we went and had breakfast at Kelly's diner, after which I came home and hung out with L all afternoon and then made some dinner.

And now I'm freaking out a little about an article that's due on Wednesday. Pretty normal stuff, really.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the article about that's due on Wednesday?

9:13 PM, March 03, 2008

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