Saturday, March 01, 2008

Holy Pregnant Lady

So. Just got back from a visit to OSB, who's due in early May. She and I went for a snowshoe this afternoon. Concord, NH has had nearly 100 inches of snow fall so far this winter...and the Monadnock region has had more than that, though I'm not sure how much. And it's not like a lot of that snow has melted. I broke trail for us, in a good three feet of powder in places, but pregnant OSB kept up very well. We took occasional breaks, leaving twin butt prints in the snow.

However by far her most amazing feet was scaling the, I shit you not, 10 foot high mountain of plowed snow that awaited us at the beginning of the trail we took, which is at the end of a dirt road. I looked at it; she looked at it. I said "You want to go around?" She wanted to go up. And before you get all nervous, it was snow, people. Soft snow. If she fell, it would have been like falling into a big pile of cotton. And since I was breaking trail I was doing a lot of the work.

OSB, like me, is half-Polish and this article gives a good description as to why our people do so well in the frozen tundra. Three cheers for the Polacks! We are one tough bunch.


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