Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chinchilla Update

Harry and PolackPappy continue to grow their relationship. As Harry became more comfortable in his environment, he started taking bites from every chewable surface in the bathroom, where he takes his daily out-of-cage exercise. He was eating, in no specific order, the toilet paper, the soap, the toothpaste, the baseboard, and the walls.

So now PolackPappy sits with him and reads a book, which Harry also chews. But first Harry likes to take bank shots around the room for several minutes. Because he is locked up in a cage most of the day Pp has taken to calling him "The Prisoner of Zenda." Pp called Dr. Moo recently asking if she could take Harry for the summer as there is no AC in the room Harry's cage is in. McMumsy said she'd install it and then lock Pp and Harry up with it until September.

Fortunately they came to a compromise: Move Harry out to the family room, where Pp watches movies at night, and put an AC unit in there.

Oh and according to McMumsy Harry is now a Chub Scout.

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