Friday, June 27, 2008


I am so stressed out right now. I got a lot of work in for this weekend, which is fantastic! But the finances thing sucks. I got notification via e-mail that an electronic payment of 250 bucks had gone through; come to find out a month later it never did and I have to repay it. Plus I had to buy a new air conditioner. Plus Daphs has her yearly checkup, I didn't get my mail-in prescription form filled out in time and I have to pay full price, I haven't had my teeth cleaned in a long while, and groceries and gas are wicked expensive.

It's fucking exhausting to be broke and I'm not even close to what people who are really in trouble face.

I've had the blues for a week now, compounded by having to listen to my neighbors across the way argue about whether or not they are equally sharing their injectable and smokable drugs properly. Seriously. I always hear this awful hacking and their shades are drawn and the place is just sketchy, but last night confirmed what I suspected: drug use, hard stuff, lots of it. They do work, from what I could tell. But it's no fun to get home and hear "What the F am I supposed to think when I come in and you're passed out on the sofa with a belt next to you?"

I thought this stuff only happened on the east side of town.



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