Thursday, June 19, 2008

The details

After I wrote the post last night I realized there weren't, in fact, that many things left to say about the caller. He had a bit of a Mass accent and said he was 32. After asking what he had to do to get the beautiful blonde to go to dinner with him, cohost Adam told him to leave his contact info on the ForB Web site.

Then he hung up and we went on to chat about all manner of interesting things, including the fact that while I do not judge others for having casual sex I do not have it myself and get irritated that people who are promiscuous judge people who are not. Whatever floats your boat, I say. And my boat is sailing the seas of monogamous intercourse.

Anyhoo, the guy has yet to leave his information.


Blogger xianfern said...

I cannot wait to see this show!! :)

8:49 PM, June 19, 2008

Anonymous Susan D. said...

I too am waiting with bated breath! I live about 20 min's south of boston but am hoping that Comcast airs the Somerville cable access channel regionwide.

Oh yeah, and that caller's a total idiot if he doesn't leave his information!

9:39 PM, June 19, 2008

Blogger McPolack said...

Thanks, guys! I will post the shows as soon as I can get them.

9:47 PM, June 19, 2008


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