Friday, June 06, 2008


Well I am pretty much recovered from last week's hike. The lost sleep affected me more than anything. Well that and the inside of my left knee. I didn't exercise first thing yesterday since I had yoga in the afternoon and, weirdly, it was hurting all day before yoga. I went to yoga anyway because it's just the thing to do when you're injured. The teacher was fantastic; I sweated a lot and moved ever closer to looping my legs up over my shoulders. I did Bird of Paradise. OK I almost did it. I'm still working on straightening out my leg.

Anyhoo I had a good productive day. Today I'm hoping for the same but I'm doing this ADD thing right now where I can't make a decision. I need to go grocery shopping but I have a love/hate relationship with grocery shopping because I have to drive through a crapload of construction and then I end up at the craziest Market Basket in the world where I often end up navigating a sea of cranky, slow-moving, self-involved immigrants.

But there's more to do! I need to figure out how to use the digital foot pedal. I need to do laundry, which won't dry well (I have no dryer) since it's wet out. And I need to do some work on another project. Hopefully I will just do, rather than think. I'm getting better at nipping these think-a-thons in the bud.



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