Wednesday, June 04, 2008

B to the O

One indication of my level of exhaustion and sisterly love is that as she was changing our clothes in the tent, my sister used her dirty underwear to wipe something off, then I grabbed them to clean my glasses. Which I'm sure is grossing you all out! But I used the side of the undies, and she'd just worn them overnight. We're really into changing our panties in this family.

Anyhoo, surprisingly, Dr. Moo and I did not smell that bad at the start of day two. Moo did not even bother to brush her teeth. BO did not come on for me until I was well down the trail, and that was only because I forgot to reapply deodorant. I honestly thought I was going to get away stink-free. But then I got back to the McPolack homestead and stripped down to take a shower and...well I was smelly but it wasn't that bad! Do you want to know why?

Because I am a lady.



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