Saturday, May 24, 2008


...I was not awakened this morning by the calls of a baby bird. I went to yoga at 8:00; then L and Carmen came over for scrambled eggs, pancakes, and fruit. Still no baby bird calls. I heard the adult crows, though. As we were getting ready to leave for a free sample-a-thon at the Hatch Shell, I stopped by the backyard and found the little fellow had died. One of the adult crows flew thisclose to the top of my head but it was a gentle skimming and so I took it as a thank-you.

I scooped the baby bird's body out with a trash bag, wrapped him up in it and gave him a little kiss (through the outside of the trash bag) and told him I was sorry he didn't make it. Carmen was surprised by how big he was. Baby crows are surprisingly big.

Then I gave him a trash can burial. Which involves picking up the lid of the trash can under the fire escape, placing the birdie in his plastic shroud inside the can, and closing the lid while thinking solemn thoughts.

I'm pretty sad he didn't make it but glad he didn't get gobbled up by a kitty.



Anonymous Thursday said...

Oh. Oh. You did all you could..

6:28 PM, May 25, 2008


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