Friday, May 16, 2008


I'm feeling pretty angry at the world right now. I just got off the phone with a friend. She's got young children and she's caught up in the foreclosure crisis sweeping the nation. The latest wrinkle in her saga is her husband's four-day stay in prison last week. Police came to their house and took him away in handcuffs. Thankfully they cuffed him in back of the house so the children couldn't see. It was essentially a Dickensian debtors prison arrest, as he owed some money but was holding off on paying it in the hopes of keeping their home.

I was crying as my friend was telling this to me, for her and her family. Logically I realize that in the grand scheme of terrible things that happen in the world, this doesn't even rate, and I still believe in the good in people. But I'm having a why her? moment. Her husband didn't even go to some rinky-dink prison. He was in a holding cell in general population, orange-jumpsuit-wearing, poop-in-a-metal-toilet-in-front-of-everyone jail. Um, shouldn't we be putting real criminals in there?




Blogger xianfern said...

That's insane! 4 days in jail? wtf is right!

5:50 PM, May 16, 2008

Blogger McPolack said...

He didn't even take a shower most of the time because he didn't realize he had to ask, and he came home extra-skinny from not eating so he wouldn't have to use the toilet. It's unbelievable.

10:49 AM, May 18, 2008


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