Monday, May 05, 2008


The rummage sale was a great success. Not only did I have a lovely chat with two women in line, one of whom is the cook for a transcendentalist meditation center (of course!), I also came away with the following:

1 thick plaid wool blanket, slightly stinky with a few very fixable holes.
1 beautifuly hand-embroidered full-size cream wool blanket, also a tad stinky. (OK everything you get at any rummage sale that's fabric is a tad stinky. But it airs out right quick.)
1 short-sleeve printed top from J. Crew
1 tan cotton boatneck Banana Republic sweater
1 short sleeved blue Banana Republic sweater
1 red cowlneck short sleeved Anne Klein shirt
1 white and red embroidered casual Anne Klein blazer
1 vintage short-sleeved blue printed silk shirt
1 brown Anna Argiolera brown peasant skirt
1 sleeveless Irish linen (but made in China, hmm...) sleeveless blouse
2 vintage tea towels
2 vintage hand-embroidered dresser/table runners
2 vintage kitchen implements, metal with lovely soft wooden handles
1 hand-carved slotted wooden spoon from Spain
1 floor-sized horsey puzzle + 1 regular-sized horsey puzzle for 1 Ella H.M., who is some more than 2.
1 vintage chinoise with stand and wooden pestle

All for nineteen dollars and sixty cents. Sweet Jesus, amen.


Blogger xianfern said...

Sweet Jesus is right! I love a good rummage sale!

11:51 AM, May 06, 2008

Anonymous Thursday said...

Amen indeed! Excellent booty McPolack - I particularly like the sound of the vintage articles and the red and white embroidered blazer.

2:00 PM, May 06, 2008


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