Monday, May 12, 2008


* Daphne-Moon and I are both molting. When Daphne-Moon molts, soft clumps of her fur come off when I brush her. My molting involves my feet and it's a little gross.

* I was befriended recently by one of the more colorful people at my gym, which I like to describe as "cheap, but sometimes flies land on you." The colorful person told me exercise is like breakfast and without it she feels hungry all day. I completely agree. Then she told me what's happening in Myanmar is upsetting her and thanked me for listening to her pain.

* I saw mountain laurel (I think) in bloom up and down the highways of near-northern NH and booooooooy do I need to go hiking. Dr. Moo and I may do a three-day backpacking trip in the Whites over Memorial Day weekend. My only concern is how much I am going to smell at the end of it. For Moo, who is up to her shoulders in cow bum-bums all day, stench is not a factor.



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