Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well tonight is my community access TV debut. And I'm nervous. Carmen gave me a call of support and sent me a list of talking points in the (e)mail, both of which made me feel better. Hopefully I will not have to stick crumpled-up paper towels in my armpits to suck up excess sweat, which is what I did before my taped audition. This time it's live.

There is some competition involved. I'm not sure how much but I know there are other lovelies vying for the spot. Of course I hope to come out on top. I also hope I do not do something like I did when I was a junior in high school and running for treasurer of the literary magazine, which would be to lose by one vote because instead of voting for myself, I voted for someone else as I thought voting for yourself meant you were full of yourself.

Well I'm off to do some work and boo on Oprah for tempting me away from it with a tour of a polygamist compound. Peace out, y'all.


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