Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cable success

Judging by the three confirmed viewers, two of whom I've never met and one of whom I met once -- and the cohost -- my television debut was a success! I do believe the term "a natural" was bandied about.

For me it was mostly anticlimactic. I have this Boy Scout in me who likes to be prepared, so I had an index card of talking points written up, I'd planned my outfit earlier in the day, and triple-checked directions to the studio. I got there on time to be greeted by...nobody. There had been some sort of reception earlier in the evening and it smelled like warm salad dressing, and I ran into an inebriated lady who really wanted me to drink wine, but I was pretty much alone. So I knit until Adam, who is the cohost and founder of the show -- really it's his show -- showed up.

And then it was just he and I. You don't even need a camera operator. You just sit behind this desk (which had, to my horror/gratitude mini tv screens in it so I could stand up and turn sideways and see the way I look on TV isn't beached-whaley) and at the appointed time something clicks on somewhere and bing! You are on television.

I felt very comfortable, although I didn't really know what to do in terms of looking into the camera. Mostly I knitted, and chatted with Adam. His dad, mom, and uncle called in. Someone who works at the station stopped by.

And then, just like that, it was over, and Adam and I went our separate ways. He's going to maybe put up some sort of voting widget on the F or B site; I'll let you know if/when it goes up so you can vote for me. There will be some more auditions over the next month and then of course I will be named cohost.

Unfortunately the show didn't get taped.

Anyhoo, JoyceFrances is in town for a yoga conference. I'm going to help her set up and then she's buying me dinner. I've got a deadline tomorrow for the BG and lots of other work and with the exception of Tuesday morning, much of which was spent bemoaning my fat ass, it's been a good week.



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