Monday, June 02, 2008

Bruise Count

14 total, including a gigunda one on my shin, from aforementioned postholing.

Wild animal spottings: 0 for me, but 2! for Moo, who saw a deer, and the not-so-often-seen spruce grouse. The spruce grouse is also known as a fools hen, and Moo's run-in illustrates why. The bird bungled onto the trail after I'd passed by, making a gobbly noise. Then he woobled his way into a low branch right next to the trail and continued making gobbly noises and Moo was all, "Uh, I can totally see you."

On an unrelated to the hike note, Moo recently had to milk an alpaca, and found it is kind of like milking a Ken doll in that instead of nipples, alpacas have these weird flat nubbin-y things.

Anyhoo I have a lot of work to do so will post yet another tale tomorrow!


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