Sunday, June 01, 2008

i'm tired

This is probably obvious to most people, but in case it isn't, hiking 22.5 miles in a little over 26 hours while carrying 45 pounds on your back is TOO MUCH. Especially, especially, especially when the last part of the first day's hike is .8 steep miles followed by 2.8 miles of deep and unstable snow followed by .2 wobbly, painful miles down a wet slope only to be greeted at the bottom by an idiot college student who tells you there is no tent space available.

Thankfully she was wrong.

OK so THEN follow that with an exhausted tent pitching at 9:00 PM, a twin giggling pee with your sister over the edge of the tent platform after announcing you were going to show everyone Oprah's vajayjay, no dinner save a handful of trail mix, and fitful dozing until waking up at 4 AM to the sounds of pouring rain. And then packing up camp a little after 6 AM, sucking down a can of espresso, and facing several more miles of alternating steep slick slope, dangerous foggy wet exposed ledge, and, yes, more horrid unstable snow. All while dealing with a knee injury caused when you postholed the night before and bashed your shin into the ice.

Of course I chose to do this and I knew on some level it was going to be a learning experience -- and boy was it. I will say this: Dr. Moo and I got along really well and she is a fantastic hiking partner, someone I would want with me in any sh*tty situation. Also I would totally, totally go backpacking again. I'd just do some things a leetle differently.

More tales tomorrow.



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You are a crazy-ass rock star!

2:09 PM, June 02, 2008

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