Monday, May 26, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor

Following what was practically a drive-by visit in which McMumsy decided the geraniums we'd gotten for Babcia's grave would be better planted "in her memory" at home we sped back to the McPolack homestead. One of the neighbors up the hill, who raised his own family in the McP homestead and now lives within spitting distance of it, helped McMumsy, PolackPappy and I open up the pool.

Then I set to work tearing out thick pelts of blue flags from one of McMumsy's gardens. A couple of hours in, I took a break, and drank ice-cold lemon water and ate cherries while sitting under an awning on the deck. Oh and I belched, loudly and repeatedly. Then I looked up and, whoopsie! There was the neighbor, working in his yard. I can just imagine what he was thinking: "Hmmm, now I see why their oldest child remains unmarried."

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